Braker Box Drag Sled
Integrated Pulling Eye

The Braker Box drag sled has been in use by accident investigators around the globe for more than 14 years. This sled is the standard for Florida State Highway Patrol and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It has been extensively tested in research papers and provides consistent reproducible readings. It has an embedded heavy duty pulling eye mounted at one end that runs through the centre of mass. The tread is a light truck type and can be used for a wide variety of surfaces. It has a footprint that approximates the typical contact area of the tire mounted on a vehicle. The drag sled is filled with concrete ballast and weighs approximately 32lbs. It can be shipped empty to reduce shipping costs for overseas customers or bulk orders.

Medtech Forensics manufactures and distributes Braker Box Drag Sleds in the continental USA under licence.

Price: $535 CA